Our history

The cooperative was formally established on 6 June 2023 after a series of listening and engagement meetings, open to all inhabitants and people interested in various ways. The desire that immediately animated the cooperative project was to develop economic, social and cultural activities in the general interest of the Valcampola community inspired by sustainability criteria, through the creation of
an inclusive job offer, the protection and recovery of environmental assets and
knowledge, citizen participation in the management of collective goods and services e
bringing out the identities of the territory and the knowledge accumulated over time to transform them into awareness and economy of place. The Cooperative will be able to become an incubator of ideas and a catalyst of energy, which the community can and will increasingly be able to express. In this first phase of activity, the members of the community cooperative have identified as strategic the possibility of reopening in the hamlet of Pecorile some services that no longer exist but which are considered priorities in order to have a constant monitoring of the care of the territory, to be attractive towards flows of non-residents and tourists, and to offer work and volunteering opportunities to the inhabitants themselves.