Our Projects

There are four our project areas:
  • reopening of the Pecorile bar restaurant and of a nearby sales point for basic necessities, as locally sourced as possible;
  • promotion and incentive of tourist activities and services;
  • community services;
  • cultural and recreational initiatives
The sense of the community cooperative which also represents a real one
innovation is to create an alternative economic and social model,
based on values ​​of participation, equity and responsibility.
We have reopened a bar, shop and restaurant in Pecorile so that they become a meeting place for all the inhabitants and tourists who love to spend their free time in our valley. We will mainly use and promote productions
of the territory which will be the basis of an authentic, genuine and innovative cuisine but respectful of traditions. Our headquarters will also be the fulcrum of activities aimed at understanding and valorising the territory, through excursions,
cycle tourism, guided tours to discover the local flora and fauna.
We are a point of reference for the activation of social services for the community.