Who we are

We are a community that has undertaken the path of cooperation to give life back to the town, establishing a community social cooperative, with the aim of enhancing the territorial resources, skills, vocations and cultural traditions, in particular of Pecorile, with the objective of satisfying the needs and improving the social and economic quality of life of those who live and work there and promoting the conditions to contribute to the increase in the resident population. Like many other rural areas in Italy, the village of Pecorile has also had to face the problem of depopulation over the last decades. Phenomenon caused by various socioeconomic and demographic factors but mainly attributable to the movement of people towards the capital city in search of job opportunities. This depopulation produced an inevitable negative impact on the services and activities of the village with the closure of the shops, the bakery and then the only bar restaurant. The cooperative works so that Pecorile becomes a place that is not only inhabited but also lived and relived, encouraging participatory, inclusive processes that involve and do not exclude and favor the activation of old and new citizens of the village. To achieve these objectives, a process of listening and activating the community of Pecorile and Valcampola was created, organized in collaboration with Confcooperative Terre d'Emilia, which made the necessary skills available to facilitate and accompany the process itself, contextual to the establishment of the cooperative.