Bar, Restaurant and Shop

At the center of the cooperative's project is the reopening of the bar restaurant and nearby sales point in Pecorile in the property owned by the Municipality of Vezzano sul Crostolo, which will function on the one hand as a meeting and socialization place for the community of every age group with particular attention to the over 60s and to the promotion of the territory, where services at various levels for the community can be carried out, and on the other as a generator of economic and employment value by offering catering and tourist services for the patrons of the bar restaurant , for tourists, hikers, families. We imagine the bar restaurant as a meeting and socializing place that enhances the resources and excellence of the territory, which promotes local products, creating a welcoming and engaging environment for the whole community thanks to an informal atmosphere, characterized by details that they recall the culture and identity of the area. Being located in the heart of Pecorile, as well as being an important point of reference and socialization for the inhabitants, thanks to its proximity to the capital city of Reggio Emilia (15/20 km), it also wants to be an attraction for tourists and visitors who wish to enjoy the beauty of the hilly landscape, looking for a particular culinary experience.
The menu offers a wide selection of dishes using local, seasonal ingredients, and the drinks menu features wines from nearby wineries, locally brewed craft beers, and soft drinks made with fresh, natural ingredients. Each item on the menu will be carefully selected to promote the quality and diversity of local products. The culinary offerings range from classic traditional recipes to innovative creations and there is a wide choice of appetizers based on local cheeses, cured meats, fresh bread and homemade sauces. The Cooperative is a meeting and connection point to promote community pride and local food and wine culture. The shop has a strong territorial character and mainly provides a proximity service for the village and in particular for elderly people who have greater difficulty in getting around. Here you can find basic and quality food products and a home delivery service is also a space available to local producers to enhance and promote the sale of their typical products also to non-residents, first and foremost Parmigiano Reggiano and Lambrusco.